Abnormal Periods


What are heavy periods?

About 10 million women suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding.1 Many women begin to experience heavy and/or irregular bleeding in their 30’s and 40’s, as they begin to get closer to menopause. Heavy periods are more than just a hassle – they take a physical, social, and emotional toll as well.

Studies show heavy menstrual bleeding can affect women in a number of ways:


•Many feel tired and nauseated

•Many experience bad cramps

•Many have headaches


•77% have depression or moodiness

•75% feel anxious

•57% report a lack of confidence during their period


•More than 60% have had to miss social or athletic events1

•About 80% report avoiding sex

•33% have been forced to miss work

Antheia Gynecology has an individualized approach to treating abnormal bleeding. A complete evaluation is done and all treatment options are reviewed. We offer traditional and non-invasive options, in-office endometrial ablation and minimally invasive surgery options.

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